QD Teeth Whitening by Celebrity Dentist Dr Luke Cronin

QD Teeth Whitening is simple and cost effective way to whitening your teeth at home. Using the latest LED technology connected to your mobile or cell phone QD Teeth whitening is the go-to teeth whitening solution.

Use over 6 consecutive days for the best results.

QD Teeth Whitening is the only at-home teeth whitening kit that contains 18% Carbamide Peroxide as the active ingredient, which ensures in-chair results every time.

QD Teeth Whitening Before and After

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In celebration of the official launch of the QD Teeth Whitening kits, they can be snapped up for just $119, for a limited time only, whilst stocks last. Click here to order now.

QD Teeth Whitening is a product that doesn’t compromise on the quality of results, despite the affordable price tag of $149, a third of the cost of in-chair whitening procedures that can take up to an hour.


“QD Teeth Whitening is a natural progression into on-demand dentistry for a result driven culture. My at-home teeth whitening kit, which is powered by any mobile phone achieves visibly whiter teeth in just 25 minutes, which is also available in practice!”

Dr Luke Cronin, founder of Quality Dental and ‘MYFACE MYBODY’ 2019 Dentist of the year.